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Unequal Temperament

Now available from American Buffalo Books. Winner of the Buffalo Books Fiction Prize, Unequal Temperament is a novel of weather, music, art, and what it means to be a family. Order from your local bookstore, or from Bookshop.org.


Read the opening of Unequal Temperament online in Embark.




Cheryl's writing also appears online in:


Burningword Literary Journal: Ambiguity (flash fiction)

Short Édition: Spaces Between Stars (short short)

The Drum Literary Magazine: Unequal Temperaments (audio short story)

Women Writers, Women['s] Books: Of Sweet Spots and Near Misses (nonfiction)


Cheryl's creative prose has appeared in print in Confrontation, Cicada, The William & Mary Review, Platte Valley Review, THEMA, Imagination & Place: Cartography, and The MacGuffin. She has a short story in the anthology Inspired from Quillkeepers Press.




Cheryl's poetry appears in:


Plant People: An Anthology of Environmental Artists, Vol. 2, Plants & Poetry, 2022

Snapdragon: A Journal of Art and Healing, Fall 2022